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best 18650 battery

Isn’t it funny how we effortlessly opt for the cheapest battery we can find? But this needs to change. What we should be looking for and buying is the best 18650 battery (18mm diameter / 65mm long.)

That’s because the chances of cheaper batteries exploding after overheating are highly likely.

SAFETY is an important factor to take into consideration when it comes to choosing batteries for vaping. Manufacturers have now started incorporating high-tech, top quality chipsets into the batteries. What these do is control the vaping mod’s temperature.

And these are the kind of batteries that I’ve shortlisted for you below. So let’s get to know them better.

Best 18650 Battery 2018

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The OUTPUT is also another important characteristic of an 18650 battery. It is as crucial as safety.

And this is something I learned after spending several hours researching about and examining the best picks on the market.

So here are the ten batteries that we know you can rely on without a shadow of a doubt.

1. Samsung INR18650-25R – Best Battery for Continuous Current

4 Samsung INR18650-25R 18650 2500mAh 3.7v Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries

The problem with most batteries is that they struggle to deliver a constant flow. But that’s not something you need to worry about with the Samsung INR18650-25R 18650 2500mAh 3.7v Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries. They offer maximum 20A continuous current.

The continuous current, when paired with the high drain quality of the battery, provides reliability and consistency. And the best part about the batteries is that they come with an outer layer coating. What this does is offer added protect ion.

So it comes as a surprise when you find out that the battery drains quickly. But the high-performance level makes up for this drawback.


  • The batteries don’t take too long to charge.
  • Excellent performance even at a higher wattage.


  • Charge holding capacity is weak.

2. LG HE4 18650 – Best for Moderate High-Drain Purposes

4 LG HE4 18650 2500mAh 20A 3.7v Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries

Now here’s a model that you can use for cloud chasing and moderate high-drain purposes. The LG HE4 18650 Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries offer maximum current discharge of 25A. And the continuous current it can provide is 20A. Both values are above average, which means competitive performance.

You’ll be glad to know that the LG HE4 work exceptionally well when mods drain increased amperage. Another thing to keep in mind is that their performance level is commendable. Especially in triple and dual settings!

Isn’t it fantastic when batteries have the ability to last for many days while also charging fast? If you agree with me, then there’s no reason to not opt for this pick. On a lower wattage, they can remain active for as long as three whole days. And on a higher wattage, the LG HE4 batteries offer power for over a day. And that too for intense vaping applications!

The materials used for construction are of the highest quality. And the proof of that is seen in the form of multiple cycles of discharge and charge. So don’t expect the performance level to deteriorate any time before at least 12-18 months.

The LG HE4 are excellent vaping batteries. The supply of current they deliver is quite hefty. Despite heavy-duty usage! And when batteries like these have the capacity to last, you can feel free to make them your default option.

The only negative feedback here is associated with the charge holding capacity. The LG HE4 18650 Rechargeable Flat Top Batterieslose charge rather quickly as time goes by. But to be fair, that’s the case with most batteries currently available.


  • The LG batteries offer a longer runtime.
  • The outer wrapping is tough and durable.


  • Charge holding capacity diminishes with time.

3. 2x Original Sony US18650VTC4 – Best High-Quality Battery

2x Original Sony US18650VTC4 2100mAh 30A High Drain Rechargeable Battery

When it comes to manufacturing batteries, we know that we can rely on a brand like Sony. And the Original Sony US18650VTC4 2100mAh 30A High Drain Rechargeable Battery is proof of that. Its 2100mAh VTC4 offers 30A current with a flat top design. This means that the battery is suitable for all types of mods.

The stable and safe high quality of the battery provides an excellent alternative to old or damaged batteries. Especially those that offer poor battery life.

You will also be glad to know that these batteries come with a tight wrapping and perfect size. The latter means that the battery doesn’t offer any additional height so that it can jam into tight spaces.

The charging and discharging capacity of the battery is also quite impressive. While testing the battery, not once did it overheat or seem like it would explode. But I did come across a tiny flaw. The battery life gets weak at levels above 100W.


  • The batteries hold a charge for an entire day even with regular usage.
  • The quality is reliable and durable.


  • Poor battery life above 100W.

4. High Performance Orbtronic – The Most Versatile 18650 Battery

3500mAh 18650 HIGH DRAIN Orbtronic 3.7V Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries FLAT Top Hybrid IMR - Battery Case Included - TWO High Capacity Batteries

The great part about these batteries is that you can use them with electrical cigarettes, vapers, laser pointers, LED flashlights, etc. So now you know why the 3500mAh 18650 High Drain Orbtronic 3.7V Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries are ranked as the most versatile.

These are lithium ion versions that offer an excellent lifespan and storage life. They deliver high-density energy despite being light in weight. And you will be ecstatic to know that the batteries have a 3500mAh capacity.

So what’s the problem with them? The part that’s slightly disappointing is that these batteries don’t have a protective coating. And this means minimum safety and durability.


  • Rechargeable and powerful with high drain quality.
  • Highly functional and compatible with most electrical devices.


  • They don’t come with a protective coating to prevent leakage.

5. Nitecore NL189 2014 Universal – Best Durable Battery

Nitecore NL189 2014 Universal 18650 Li-ion Recharger Battery with 3400mah 3.7v 12.6wh Which Certified By Ce,ul,and Rohs and Can Be Recharged Over 500 Times (2*NL189 3400mAh Battery)

When it comes to buying batteries with maximum durability, these are it. The Nitecore NL189 2014 Universal 18650 Li-ion Recharger Battery is also powerful in nature. It has a protective coating and an increased level of capacity.

The impressive part about these batteries is that they come with an inbuilt discharge and overcharge protection (temperature trends during charge and discharge).

And to make things even better, the manufacturer has given importance to its recharging capacity as well. You can recharge them as and when you like without having to worry about the charge wearing off quickly.

The only gripe with the batteries is the size. They might be too large to jam into different kinds of devices. So struggling to fit them in might give rise to scratches on the sides.


  • The batteries offer a large capacity.
  • Maximum durability with minimum wear.


  • They are not small enough to fit into various devices.

6. Panasonic NCR18650B – Best Affordable Battery

2PCS Panasonic 18650 NCR18650B Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, Flat Top 3.7V 3400mAh, BONUS One Hard Plastic Case For Easier Storage and Transport

When a brand like Panasonic offers a budget-friendly option, you know you can trust its quality. And that’s what you should expect with the Panasonic 18650 NCR18650B Rechargeable Li-ion Battery.

They charge safely and efficiently without overheating. Plus, the hard plastic outer casing offers additional benefits regarding protection and durability.

The most impressive aspects are heat insulation and high electric resistance. So now you know why they don’t overheat too quickly and deliver an extended lifespan.

Another thing that you might love is the plastic case that comes with it. This adds more convenience to the whole experience. The only part that lets you down is the lack of protective coating. But despite that, the batteries are pretty safe to use.


  • Low operating temperature, which means minimum overheating.
  • The insulation performance and electric resistance are valuable features.


  • They have no protective layers.

7. EBL 18650 – Best 18650 Battery for General Applications

EBL 18650 3.7V 3000mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries, 2 Pack

Let me tell you a little bit about EBL before I review its 18650 3.7V 3000mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries. The certified company produces batteries for all types of general uses. They manufacture AAA/AA/C/D/9V/D18650 batteries; and all rechargeable. So the level of reliability and performance is quite high in this case.

The EBL 18650 Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries are perfect for household devices. Like remote control, digital camera, flashlight, toothbrush, and more. They have the ability to deliver dependable power so you can maximize all kinds of experiences.

They arrive pre-charged. That means the batteries deliver high performance right from the beginning itself. You can recharge them as many as 1200 times at the time of partial or complete drain. This makes the batteries incredibly economical. And they provide an unexpected shelf life too. The self-discharge capacity has been subjected to considerable improvement. So expect them to maintain 75 percent of their capacity over a long period of time.

To sum it up, if you’re searching for 18650 batteries for electronic devices, this is what you should consider buying.

Here’s the best part about the current pick. The EBL 18650 3.7V 3000mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries are equipped with minimal self-discharge. That means they can preserve more than half of their capacity even after 3 years of sitting idle.

Now here’s the part that might talk you out of buying the EBL 18650 Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries. The length is slightly shorter than the other units. So this might be a problem for some devices.


  • The EBL batteries charge quickly.
  • The highly functional LED meters are simple to read.


  • More suitable for flashlights than vaporizers.
  • They are smaller than most 18650 batteries.

8. Efest Purple IMR – Best 18650 Battery with High Capacity and Maximum Power

2 Efest Purple IMR 18650 2500 Mah 35a 3.7v Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries

If you’re looking for batteries with a huge capacity and some additional power, then you’re in the right place. Because the Efest Purple IMR 18650 2500 Mah 35a 3.7v Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries have a massive 35A power limit.

This maximum continuous discharge is a highly valuable advantage. Since one battery gives you 35A, two would yield double of that. And with at least 60A, you can achieve as much as 200 watts of power. So now you know how the battery manages to run higher loads.

You know the cells are great when they are suitable for heavy, moderate, and light vaping. And that is what you get with theEfest Purple IMR 18650 2500 Mah 35a 3.7v Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries. The only thing that you don’t get is a higher capacity at increased levels of the amp.


  • The batteries are suitable for a broad range of devices.
  • The durable quality makes them ideal for heavy-duty purposes.


  • The batteries tend to overheat at a higher amp.

9. 4 LG HG2 – Best 18650 Battery for Consistent Power

LG HG2 18650 3000mAh Flat Top Rechargeable Batteries, Pack of 4

There’s some comfort in knowing that the batteries offer consistent power. This means that the ratings of the LG HG2 18650 3000mAh Flat Top Rechargeable Batteries are accurate. So you can rest assured that you’re buying one of the most reliable models on the market.

The batteries do more than just deliver consistent power. They also excel at charging quickly and holding that charge for a very long time. Over time, you will also be quite impressed with the excellent lifespan of the batteries.

Coated batteries like these go a long way in adding additional benefits like safety and durability. So that’s a huge plus when it comes to the LG HG2 18650 3000mAh Flat Top Rechargeable Batteries. The only negative aspect is the poor quality of the plastic wrap.


  • The batteries last for a long time between charges.
  • They have a high drain resistance.


  • The outer plastic wrap is susceptible to peeling easily.

10. Authentic SONY US18650VTC5 – Best Battery for Higher Power Applications

2 Authentic 18650 SONY US18650VTC5 High Drain Flat Top / 2600mAh 30A Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

When it comes to picking a battery for vaping, there’s nothing better than this. The Authentic 18650 SONY US18650VTC5 High Drain Flat Top Rechargeable Battery is considered to the best for many reasons.

For one, it offers an increased amp limit. Another excellent quality is the long battery life. The continuous discharge power of the batteries is 30A. And it’s double of this during short bursts. What this means is that you can use the battery safely even at high power settings.

So if you’re looking for something that provides you with more power suitable for heavy duty sessions, then this is it. But before you make your decision, there’s one thing you should know about the battery. The power of these cells tends to deplete after a few charges.


  • The flat top design of the batteries is ideal for box mods.
  • They lack integrated protective circuits to make them suitable for certain applications.


  • The battery power weakens quickly.

18650 Battery Buyer's Guide

best 18650 battery

The 18650 has now become the standard battery for vapers.

The chances of coming across this rechargeable battery in the tiniest box mod or the most complicated mechanical mod are pretty high.

You might think that these lithium ion batteries are just like the regular consumer ones, but that’s not true. They differ regarding quality, voltage, capacity, and price. And that means finding the best 18650 battery can be quite a challenge.

Lithium Ion Batteries: Why They Explode?

But you don’t need to worry about that anymore because I’ve created a useful guide for you. By going through it, you’ll realize how it’s wrong to believe that one size fits all.

Choosing the most reliable pick in the industry requires you to take several IMPORTANT factors into account. These include:

  • Operating temperature
  • Voltage
  • Current rating
  • Capacity

So let’s discuss each one of them below, shall we?

Capacity of an 18650 battery

The charge holding power of a battery is known as its capacity. The capacity also refers to how long you can use the battery before you need to recharge it. The best ones on the market are those that have a high capacity tag.

And the only way to determine if the high capacity label is genuine or not is to look for mAh. It stands for Milliampere-hours, and it refers to the amount of milliamps the battery draws per hour. This gives you an idea as to how long the battery will last.

Current of an 18650 battery

EBL 18650 Battery 3.7V 3000mAh Performance Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries with Stable Storage Boxes, 6 Packs

To prevent accidents from taking place, you need to give the safety factor its due importance. Determining the box mod’s current is a simple task as it comes with the specifications. Most of the traditional box mod kits fall between 1 to 45 amps of output current.

So keeping this in mind, an 18650 battery with 20A current rating seems like an ideal choice.

These batteries have a sufficiently high Milliampere-hours (mAh) level of 3000. Since the majority of the box mods require two of these kinds of cells, the total current rating becomes 40A.

Voltage of an 18650 battery

Voltage does the job of transferring the much-needed current of the box mod to its coil. This is why you need to know and understand your device’s specific requirements.

When using a mechanical version, this process is even more important. That’s because of the voltage, in this case, tends to deliver everything to the coil. So if the voltage is higher, you might get a stronger hit.

The current of batteries doesn’t decide the voltage capacity because there are batteries with different voltage but similar current ratings. So what you need is a battery with a higher voltage that runs for a longer time. And this applies to both regulated and mechanical devices.

The most efficient way to go about this is to select the 18650 battery that offers a decent capacity and high current rating. These are the ones that perform well at low-temperature levels, which means higher voltage.

4X 5800mAh Li-ion 18650 3.7V Rechargeable Battery + 2X Smart Charger by Anglin

Operating temperature of an 18650 battery

Many of us don’t take this factor into account whereas it’s considered to be a crucial one. The temperature that the battery runs at is a huge safety concern.

On top of that, overheated batteries also tend to cause damage to its charging cells. And this messes with the battery’s durability.

Batteries that overheat too often require replacement. You should take this as a warning sign. More often than not, overheating is the battery’s way of telling you that it’s either become too old or damaged.

Lower operating temperatures are suitable for advanced vapers. Because you obviously don’t want to go through the trouble of using high resistance coils or lowering the level of power.

And these are things that you might have to do if you opt for anything other than low operating temperature.

Vaping Batteries Explained: What to Buy? What is the Best Battery?

And That’s About It!

So What’s the Final Recommendation?

#1 Editor's Choice: Sam Sung INR18650-25R

Now that we’ve covered all important aspects of an 18650 battery, it’s time to announce the winner. When it comes to electronics, Samsung is a brand that we can trust without a shadow of a doubt.

And its INR18650-25R 18650 2500mAh 3.7v Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries are no exception.

The batteries come with a 20A power output, which means you can rely on their performance. On top of that, the shelf life of the Samsung INR18650-25R 18650 2500mAh 3.7v Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries is excellent. They have the ability to maintain high capacity despite frequent usage and charging. And that’s an impressive quality, isn’t it?

So you’ll find nothing better than Samsung when it comes to buying the best high-quality and long-lasting 18650 battery.

Discover Best 18650 Battery (2018) – Buyer’s Guide
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