Discover Best Faucet Water Filter System (2018) – Buyer’s Guide

Kabter Healthy Faucet Water Filter System for Bathroom and Kitchen,Chrome

Do you know that tap water contains many impurities including harmful germs? These are the major cause of the common diseases such as Fever, Flu, Diarrhea, Vomiting and many more. So when you wash hands with it, wash fruits or use it for cooking, you directly feed those parasites on your own body.

Many of the people DON'T know that they actually voluntarily put their lives at risk.

So if you don’t want that to happen to you and your loved ones, this article might be worth to give it 2 minutes out of your life.

Personally, this was also the case with me. After I had read its benefits online, I ordered it the next day. After two years of using them, I can confidently say that “YES,” they have an impact on your health. Over the years, I have used many of them. So, I thought why not make it easier for you to choose one by writing a comparison.

Why Use a Water Filter?

1. It Filters Harmful Germs:

First of all, your health will be at risk if you drink bacteria bearing water. You can get Cholera, Dysentery, and Hepatitis from drinking stagnant water. These water filter systems filter the bacteria out of the water so you can drink it stress-freely.

2. It removes Chemical Impurities:

It's common to say that harmful chemicals are present in tap water. These include Chlorine, Lead, and Mercury ETC. These if consumed by the human body, are very harmful. U.S Council of Health recently declared that people drinking chlorinated water have 93% more chance to get cancer than others.

Lead is another chemical that damages the brain and our memory. It also impairs nervous system. So, odds of getting paralysis increase.

3. It Makes it Taste Better:

As it filters off Chlorine and lead, it filters many other elements like that too (such as Mercury, Pesticides ETC) which make water taste great again. If for some reason, the water of your tap doesn’t taste good then after installing these filters it not only makes it healthier but it also tastes better making it easier to drink for you, and it might save you some bucks if you use filtered water from stores.

Best Faucet Water Filter 2018

Product Name


Unique Feature


Our Rating

Pur 3-Stage (Editor's Choice)

Vertical Design

One of best Filtration Formula

1.1 pounds

#1 Editor's Choice

PUR FM-2000B

Vertical Design

NFS Certified

1.1 pounds


Brita Filter

Vertical Design

Extra layer to trap Sediments

12 ounces


Culligan FM-25

Vertical Design

Fast Pressure

1.4 pounds


Kabter Water Filter

Vertical Design

High-Quality but High price

14.1 ounces



Horizontal and Bulky

Clean Monitor Sensor

1.1 pounds



Horizontally Long

Bluetooth Enabled

1.1 pounds



Tap Faucet Design

Electric meter to show gallons filtered

12 ounces


InstaPure F2BCT3P

Vertical Design

Comes with many adapters

5.6 ounces


iSpring DFC1

Vertical Design

Flouride-Free water

14.4 ounces


1. PUR 3-Stage Advanced Faucet Filter – Best for the First-Time Buyer

PUR 3-Stage Advanced Faucet Water Filter, 7.7-Inch by 3.2-Inch, Chrome
  • Overview:

This is one of the best selling products in the industry, so this might be your first choice if you never owned a filter before. This is from the PUR brand which is quite reputable in providing a household with water related services. It is actually a 3-Stage Advanced filter which means that it goes through three layers of filtration before the water reaches you. The Pur-3 filter is a bit expensive too from other filters in this category.

  • Design and Material:

It has a silver finish on all on its body. This looks good as a shiny surface but the whole of the filter, from top to the end it made up of plastic. Plastic is a fragile product, and so it is. A new and improved metal adapter is available too, but it did not ship as an in-box product. You have to buy it separately.

I heard a little bit complaints about its material too that it begins leaking by some people. This may be due to its build quality. However, our final words would be that you have to handle it with utmost care. Otherwise, problems would arise.

  • Installation:

What is remarkable about these filters was their installation is a breeze. Although I have operated them before, I am sure it is easy to work. Even beginners also reported having installed it without any issue. A manual is also provided with it which makes it easier. What you have to do is only screw the adapter on your faucet, put the filter in the system and plug it back into the adapter.

Then attach it to your tap which is a piece of cake with the hooks installed in it. However, the filter fits loosely in the system so don’t put too much pressure on it. Just put it inside and close the cap. Now you have a fully working mini water filtration plant.

Note: Installation is pretty much the same for all so that I will end it here.

  • Performance:

The filter worked like a charm when I was reviewing it. It was easy to use and provided clean water. Although the filter needs to be replaced every two to three months, it is worth it. The three layers of filters are made from carbon which is heat-treated. This way it gets small pores in it, and that’s what stopped those impurities and provided us with clean water. It also uses the Mineral clear filter model RF-999.

The benefit of this filter is that it not only cleans the water from impurities. It was able to make it taste better too. So, I can conclude that after testing that its performance is reasonable. But, before making any final decision take a look at what I didn’t like about it.

  • I didn’t like:

What I didn’t like the most was that it was overall a piece of plastic, though the price is low plastic piece is an indication of poor quality. Another thing was that it doesn’t come with a holder or stand to hold on to a hand-held or pull out faucet, so it may not be able to work with certain modern faucets, but standard faucets work like a charm.


  • Certified by Authorities
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • ​Over 70 Impurities are cleared
  • ​Nice Looking Design
  • LED Indicator
  • Fluoridated water


  • Though not expensive but price is more than competitors.
  • ​Overall Plastic Piece
  • Not compatible with Hand-held or Pull-Out faucet

2. PUR FM-2000B Water Filter - Best for Low-Priced Tag

PUR FM-2000B Classic Vertical Water Filtration Faucet Mount, Black
  • Overview: 

This water filter is also from the same PUR brand, but however, models are different. The other model was an advanced model and had some extra features which this version doesn’t have. Maybe it is due to it’s a more “Basic” model. It is because there is a huge difference in price of these two. PUR 3-Stage is nearly more than double the price of this filter.

If you are looking for something economy-friendly to try for the first time, it may be a good choice. Though, you would not be able to enjoy every feature due to unavailability of some features in this model.

  • Design and Build: 

The design of this model is pretty much the same to the previous one. This model is also made entirely from plastic. However, PUR did not give the silver finish to this model too. This model has a shiny black finish, not matte black. I can conclude that the outer of the product is same to its previous model.

However, it has some changes in its interior which I will specify in the next section of this article. It is also a fragile product, and it is better to handle it with care.

  • Performance: 

I also tested this product regarding its performance in water cleaning. This product was able to clean the 70 impurities out of the water. It is certified by the National Sanitation Authority to be able to reduce a total of 70 impurities.

However, those who are most concerned about getting clean water shouldn’t have a problem with this model. Whereas, this model was not able to freshen the taste of the water to the extent the previous model did. This model uses the Basic Filter RF-3375 which cleans the impurities and germs, but it doesn’t restore waters crisp taste. Another good thing I noticed that it lets the fluoride in the water to pass through the filter. Fluoride actually prevents tooth diseases, so it is a great thing.

  • I didn't like: 

The PUR FM-2000B is purely made of plastic which is not a high-quality material at all. It also doesn’t come with a warranty like the previous one. Last but not the least, the PUR FM-2000B also does not enhances the water taste like the PUR 3-Stage. The “advanced” mechanism is not installed in this unit, which allows it to do so. However, the price is also the half of PUR 3-Stage which would cover all these Cons.


  • Not expensive when compared to other water filters.
  • ​Comes with a filter condition LED indicator
  • Certified by NFS to remove 71 impurities including Chlorine, Lead, Mercury ETC
  • ​Free replacement faucet adapters
  • Fluoride is able to pass through.


  • Made of Plastic (Low-Quality Material)
  • ​Water doesn’t taste like the PUR 3-Stage Filter
  • ​No warranty
  • Doesn’t fit pull-out or hand-held faucets

3. Brita White Faucet Filter System - Good for Filtering Sediments

Brita Faucet Water Filter System with Light Indicator, White
  • Overview: 

This filter is a well-known brand named “Brita”, this brand has been in the market for a long time serving people with water-relating services too, like PUR.

This product first came in October 2001 and to date, people are using it. It is not inferior to the above products are provides a tough competition in regarding specs to the PUR 3-Stage. If we talk about its price, it near to PUR -3 Stage but a little less. It might be difficult to choose between this and others, so let’s go straight forward to the insider review.

  • Design and Material: 

As the case with the other Faucet filter systems, same is the case here. It is all made of plastic. Please don’t except silver or anything of very high quality at the low prices they are offering these filter.

It has a LED indicator too which tells about its function as well as the condition of the filter, so that doesn’t remain a hassle anymore to check the filter again and again with the intention of replacing. Brita gave this filter, a white color. No, it’s not shiny white but simple standard white.

This filter ships with a low-quality plastic adapter but Brita is offering high-quality metal adapters through their website. I ordered one, and I can confidently say that it is worth the price. That adapter was able to stop the leaking problems with our unit and for many others too. However, it’s not free but not too much expensive too.

  • Performance: 

As this thing is just a filter, you can expect to do its job perfectly. It actually reduces Chlorine taste, odor and leads traces in the water. It has an extra layer from the traditional layers which separate the sediments from the water.

This may not be required by many of us as sediments are rarely to be found in our normal tap water. However, this may be needed by some, and it is good to have a unique feature. This also freshens the taste of the water as soon the water passes through the filter, unlike PUR FM-2000B filter. One Brita filter provides up to 100 gallons of filtered water which normally takes four months to worn-out. It is not too expensive to replace filter either.

  • Things I didn’t like: 

I didn’t like that again low-quality plastic adapter’s ship with the filter. This adapter sooner or later began to leak and is more of a hassle to have a filter then. Overall, it is also a fragile product. One complains that I mostly got from people was that its LED indicator stopped working soon, so that is also another con.


  • Extra layer of sediments.
  • ​Metal adapter available
  • ​Freshens water taste
  • ​Beginner-Friendly installation
  • Filters most impurities


  • LED complaints
  • ​Low-Quality Plastic
  • ​Not stylish Design
  • Leaking Complaints

4. Culligan FM-25 Filter with Advanced Water Filtration - Good for Fast Pressure

Culligan FM-25 Faucet Mount Filter with Advanced Water Filtration, Chrome Finish
  • Overview: 

This is an advanced water filter from Culligan water works. The company was actually established in 1936 and is now one of the leading industries. Overall, it is another stylish silver competitor to other water filters. What you will be amazed to know that its statistics reveal that it may be better from some leading filters. Let’s take a look inside!

  • Design and Build: 

The material used to build it is plastic and not entirely. It is a stylish shiny silver filter and is round like others. It has a chrome finish. It also comes in a white model which is also having the same specs. What is remarkable about Culligan that they used a metal adapter to tie to the faucet. This is not appreciated by only us but other people too. There are fewer complaints of it leaking on that side due to its metal work.

  • Performance: 

This filter improves water taste by eliminating Chlorine smell. It also came with all the parts required for installation and was easy to install. As with others, cleaning water impurities is now inevitable with most filters. One downside is that it doesn’t have a LED indicator to tell you about filter condition. Its flow rate is 0.5 GPM at 60 psi. It also delivered 200 gallons of filtered water at one filter.

  • What I didn’t like: 

The fact that it doesn’t have a LED indicator, you have to manually guess it by seeing it. This is a hassle to check it every time. I have received some complaints regarding the housing of the filter. Although, they were able to fix the other problem with a metal adapter housing should also be made high quality.


  • Filters 200 Gallons (More than the average)
  • ​Metal adapters inbox
  • Fast water flowing rate
  • ​Extra-Layers filters sediments
  • Improves taste of water


  • No LED indicator
  • ​Poor housing
  • Expensive to some extent

5. Kabter Faucet Filter - Best for Filtering Contaminants

Kabter Healthy Faucet Water Filter System for Bathroom and Kitchen,Chrome
  • Overview: 

This might be a new name for some people, but it’s not bad at all. It is also from one of the filters that I recommend to use. Its build quality is good, performance is great, and the price is worth it. It has gotten great reviews from all over the world. Price is a little higher than most of the others so if you are looking for cheap, this isn’t for you.

  • Design and Material: 

The Kabter filter is also made from the shiny plastic material. It is more of a traditional design and isn’t too fancy. Most of the people who complain are those who cannot fit it with their faucets. I wouldn’t say that build quality is bad because it didn’t leak but it had some other flaws which you can see below.

  • Performance: 

Many people didn’t seem to trust this company. That was because its flow rate was high but the name wasn’t a well-known one. However, I can assure that it removes 99% of Chlorine and other heavy metals. It also makes the water taste better. It is also one of those filters to filter 200 gallons of water, and that’s a really an outstanding amount in our opinion. It also uses the KDF 55 Filtration media. It can stop most of the impurities and many microorganisms to pass through it. However, that too is limited to some organic chemicals. Besides this, it doesn’t seem to have any flaw in it.

  • Things I didn’t like: 

In fact, I didn’t like the price tag of this product. Some of the similar products are some cheaper than this. What else I didn’t like it that it’s replacements parts are not cheap. They are expensive. If you're one part of this isn’t working, you can expect to pay some serious money to get it repaired.


  • Nice Traditional Design
  • ​200 Gallons of filtered water
  • ​One of the best filtration formula used
  • High Flow rate


  • A bit pricey
  • The replacements parts aren’t as cheap as of others

6. PUR PFM100B Water Filter - Best Design and Technicalities

PUR PFM100B Black Horizontal Water Filtration Faucet Mount with 1 Basic Filter
  • Overview: 

This is another water filter from PUR. I included it in the Top list because of its unique functions, and yet it is able to provide solid performance. Its design is also a bit different from others which personally, I like. If we talk about its price, it is not expensive. It is not too high nor tools less. It’s features and price is perfectly balanced.

  • Design and Build: 

Obviously like others, you cannot expect to have a good material on it. This too is plastic, but PUR has redesigned this filter. Others were vertically high, but this one is horizontally long. This is a nice design in my opinion and looks stylish. Other look likes a Cube too much. However, not everybody may like this because for some it may be too long. This may then disturb you sometimes due to its length. You may accidentally hit it while doing dishes or something. This has a more probability of getting hit than others.

  • Performance: 

The water from the other side tasted good. It does what it advertises. Bleach smell was even removed from the water. It also uses the Carbon technology as the case with many other PUR filters. What actually caught our eye was the clean sensor monitor. It tells you the exact filter condition. This way, it would be easier to tell how much clean and pure the water is.

  • What I didn’t like: 

The PUR PFM100B Water Filter had somewhat low pressure. Many others complain this too. Perhaps it’s due to its horizontal design. I also didn’t like that PUR selected it to use its basic filter rather than the advanced one. This works well too but advanced enhances its taste and it better purified.


  • New and Unique Design
  • ​Moderately Priced
  • ​Clean Sensor Monitor
  • Water taste enhanced to a good extent


  • A little confusing to install for a beginner
  • ​Some may not like long design
  • ​Low-Pressure Complaints
  • Basic Filter rather than advanced

7. PUR PFM800HX with Bluetooth - Best for People Who Want to Keep Water Record

	 PUR PFM800HX Chrome Horizontal Water Filtration Faucet Mount with Bluetooth and 1 Mineral Clear Filter
  • Overview: 

PUR has really got advanced with this one. What made it get it on my list was Bluetooth installation. It comes with a lithium ion non-removable battery, and design is same to the previous filter. It’s price, however, may be a little high for those who use normal filters. As it is more of an electrical piece, it’s price is bound to be high.

  • Design: 

This also is another filter with the same design as the previous filter. It also can be a little bulky for some people as the fact is, it is more horizontal. What else caught our attention was that it had a stainless steel model too. That means that it would be less likely to leak, but again price becomes the bottleneck here.

  • Performance: 

The water from the other side tastes great, and you can tell that all the contaminants have been removed. This is due to its MineralClear Replacement Filter (RF-9999).

Let’s come to its cool feature. Bluetooth is a handy tool for those who want to keep an exact record of their water usage so it may be worth the price. As it is not possible to keep exact data of water filtered without sensors. It has an app that connects to your phone and lets you view statistics there.

  • What I didn’t like: 

By far, most people mostly complain about its bulky design. That may be due to the advanced circuits of the Bluetooth system. Another complaint is that after a few months, my filter began to leak which is a common problem.


  • Bluetooth sensors
  • ​Advanced Filters (Water tastes Great)
  • ​Easy to install
  • Clean monitor Sensor


  • Price is a bottleneck
  • ​Bulky Design
  • Common Malfunction of Sensors

8. DuPoint WFFM350XCH Electric Meter Filter - Best for Stylish Design

DuPont WFFM350XCH Electric Metered 200-Gallon Deluxe Faucet Mount Premium Water Filtration Filter, Chrome
  • Overview: 

Many people out there bought a filter, usually of Brita or PUR. When they had some bad experiences with them, they decided to give up on these things. I recommend them to try this brand. Although, this name is not popular it has been around since 1802. Let’s take you in-depth that why I like this filter.

  • Design: 

This is one of the most inspiring designs, I have seen yet. This comes in more of a tap form, and I needed to use pliers to install it. Installing it with pliers is a piece of cake. It has a stainless steel type of finish but doesn't be deceived, it isn’t steel but plastic. However, I liked the shiny silver-gold finish.

  • Performance: 

I specifically was interested in its durability and features. Some people have said to use it for three years, and it still works for them like a charm. However, malfunctioning depends on how carefully you use it, but this product itself is not low quality too. It can filter out most of the contaminants and filters 200 gallons per filter. One of its amazing features is the big gallon filter screen which tells you how much gallons have been filtered. That’s why it has “Electric” in its name.

  • What I didn’t like: 

It is reported that electric meter fails after some time. It may be due to poor water flow inside it which may have reached the circuit. Another thing was that water was pure and clean, but its flavor was unique. It’s not bad, but you have to use it for some days to get used to it.


  • Long Filter Life
  • ​Nice design
  • ​Easy installation (Pliers Required)
  • ​Electric Meter
  • Price is a little high


  • Sometimes meter fails
  • ​Unique flavor with which some may not be accustomed
  • More expensive than others

9. InstaPure F2BCT3P-1ES Water Filter - Best for Install Flexibility

InstaPure F2BCT3P-1ES Faucet Mount Water Filter System, Chrome
  • Overview: 

This brand, InstaPure, is a somewhat a popular name in this business. They make filters which are mostly identical to each other but have different finishes.

In this review, I will talk about that it advertises. Its price is also somewhat higher than most filters which use similar technologies. And that’s why many people use other filters than this. However, I am here to tell about its work so let’s get started.

  • Design: 

It may be a different company, but its design has not much different than other common filters. It isn’t horizontally long but vertically high. So, it may disturb you less while using it as it consumes lesser area. It has a Chrome finish which is shiny and somewhat good looking. It comes with many adapters to fit many types of faucets.

  • Performance: 

As per my review, this filter performs well. It has a filter life of 200 gallons which is more than what most filters filter. It improves the water taste to a good extent by filtering out Chlorine. However, for filtering contaminants, I seriously don’t recommend it. It doesn’t filter Micro-Organisms, Pesticides, and Herbicides to a good extent.

  • What I didn’t like: 

The InstaPure doesn’t filter contaminants to a good extent. I also didn’t like that even in high-pressure water faucets, filter pressure is slow. These two things are which are somewhat serious flaws.


  • Enhances Water Taste
  • ​Nice Design, Non-Bulky
  • ​Comes with Many adapters
  • Long Filter Life


  • Water Flows slowly
  • ​Poor Contaminant removal
  • Expensive for the features

10. ISpring DFC1 LittleWell Faucet filter - Best for Flouride-Free Water

iSpring DFC1 LittleWell Faucet Mount Water Filter with Multi-Layer Filtration Media
  • Overview: 

This Filter is the last but not the least. This iSpring filter caught our eye has special layers to absorb the certain type of impurities. It is not a well-known brand, but it is not less than many of them. One factor in its price in its elevation, it is a really affordable filter. It costs much less than many out there.

  • Design and Build: 

It is entirely made out of plastic. There is no metal involved even in adapters. That may contribute to leakage after some time. It has a vertical design so it may not disturb you or feel bulky. What is unique about this filter is that it is transparent and you can see through the filtration layers.

  • Performance: 

I can undoubtedly say that it is a great filter. The water which came out of the other side tasted pretty good. It is further assuring that it is clean too. I have five layers of filtration. The first layer captures germs, dust and protects other layers, second gets it a good flavor. 3rd removes fluoride, while 4th removes other heavy metal. 5th layer once again processes it, and its output is great water.

  • What I didn’t like: 

The quality of the filter. This entirely plastic model can get damaged to the slightest excuse. It is also likely to get leaked after some months of use. It also doesn’t feature a LED indicator to tell about filter condition and when to replace the filter.


  • 5 Layer filter
  • ​Fluoride-Free water
  • ​Enhances Taste
  • ​Low Priced
  • ​Un-bulky Transparent Design
  • Filters 300 Gallons of Water


  • Plastic (Usually Low-Quality)
  • ​No LED indicator
  • Likely to Leak after sometime

Faucet Water Filter Buyer's Guide

1. Contaminant Removal:

The first reason to buy a filter is usually contaminant removal. We buy it to remove harmful chemicals such as Mercury, Lead, and other germs while keeping the minerals. So, if you have a lot of impurities in your tap water usually, it is the best to select a water filter that is certified to remove the most impurities out of the water.

2. Filtration Speed:

The second concern should be about filtration speed that how fast a filter can filter water. Most of the leaking problems arise due to the too high pressure of water. High pressure also indicates that less contaminant is removed as it doesn’t remain long enough in the filter. You should check the filter before buying does it has balance in contaminant removal and filtration speed.

3. Water Quality:

Obviously, no one wants bad water taste after spending so much on the water faucet mounts, adapters, and filters. If your tap water already tastes good, then it might not be a problem. If it doesn’t then be sure to select the filter that completely washes out Chlorine. It is usually the main culprit behind a bad taste.

4. Running Costs:

Running costs include every single penny to get filtered water. It may be buying cost, maintenance costs, installation costs or filter cost. There are many factors regarding the price to operate it including how many gallons it filter, how well does it filter and everything. So, be sure to check the price balance and always check if it is going to be costly after you buy it. Such as adapters cost and filter cost ETC.

What do I recommend?

My Choice: PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter Chrome FM-3700B

What I recommend is the best faucet water filter PUR 3-Stage. After reviewing and using all of them, I decided to go with this one. I recommend this to those who want to have a good experience for the first time at low cost. Its price is actually worth its performance.

Any filters durability depends on the way you use it. So, to extend its life span to the fullest, I recommend that don’t use on high-pressure faucets. This makes it prone to leakage. Side by side, it is certified for removing contaminants, improves taste and has long filter life. It is not bulky and still is stylish. It has a lot of good reviews and is a good and reliable brand.

However, if your needs differ from me then, I have posted all my opinions above, and you can choose from there. Have a Good Day filtering! 

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